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Protection & Prevention

Custom Fit Rug Pads

East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning carries an eco-friendly line of rug padding made from recycled materials. It lasts longer than most rug pads, is washable, and the Carpet & Rug Institute has named it a Green Label product. See what everyone in the rug care industry is raving about!

Order your custom fit Eco-Rug Pad today!

East Bay Rug Cleaning Eco Premium Pad

Eco-Premium Rug Pad

  • Cushion
  • Support
  • Has Pet Urine Barrier Layer
East Bay Rug Cleaning Eco Value Pad

Eco-Value Rug Pad

  • Low-Profile
  • Non-Slip
  • No Pet Urine Barrier Layer

Stain Protection

The choice is yours when it comes to fiber protection with two levels of preventative fiber care.

East Bay Oriental Rug Fiber Protector

Stain Protector

  • Topically applied, coating the fibers
  • 10-15 minute window to blot a spill
  • Easier soil removal when vacuuming
  • Needs to be re-applied after cleaning

Microseal™ Fiber Protector

  • Penetrates fibers and seals from within
  • EPA rated non-toxic & hypoallergenic
  • Virtually permanent fiber protection
  • Provides UV protection

Moth Treatment

Blotchy bare areas in the pile of your rug, tiny beige flying moths, webbing or cocoons on either the underside or face of your rug, and live larvae are all red-flag indicators of an active moth infestation. If you spot any of these signs, please call us to come inspect your area rug as soon as possible! If we can confirm moth activity, we’ll safely contain the rug and bring it back to our studio for a deep cleaning and moth treatment. Once the rug has been cleaned, we’ll assess any visible moth damage for repair and consult with you for approval before beginning any additional services.

It’s generally recommended that a professional pest control company should be called in to inspect your home for possible further treatment.

East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning Moth Damage