Q: How often should I wash my rug?
A: There are many factors to account for: children, pets, traffic area, living area, and holiday events. You would be the best judge as to when your rugs need cleaning. We do recommend once every 2-3 years for high traffic homes and 3-4+ years for esthetic rugs (rugs in rooms that are not used).

Q: Why rotate my rugs?
A: Rotating your rug extends their lifetime and helps maintain their integrity. If you have a rug under your couch, and/or family room, you will eventually notice traffic patterns caused by over usage. By rotating your rug you give the “fresh” side a chance to share the burden. Rotating your rug is important for the rugs sake but is not always convenient to do so; keep this in mind when buying and placing rugs.

Q: Why does my rug look faded in some areas and not others?
A: Rooms with open windows usually cause sun bleaching or fading. It is easy to overlook fading because of shadows and furniture. Furniture can hide the true colors of a rug because they are seldom moved. Again, rotating your rug can help avoid this. We offer a textile protector service, ask us about it.

Q: How do I clean up spills?
A: At your own risk! Grab a dry towel/rag or a sponge and place it over the whole area. Firmly press directly down over the stain to absorb as much as possible. NEVER RUB OR AGITATE A STAIN. If you rub a stain you may cause the liquid to penetrate the rugs’ fibers and/or displace the liquid to surrounding areas. Once you are certain you cannot absorb anymore liquid please call us. The truth is: The less you tamper with a stain the better chance WE have at removing the damages.

Q: What household products do you recommend I use on my rug?
A: None. We do not recommend any products because most products are concentrates. Concentrates can bleach and many times cause additional problems. All natural fiber and organic dyed rugs should only be cleaned by professionals. Even synthetic rugs can be damaged by household products. There are products that do work, however, we have yet to find one we can recommend. The truth is: The less you tamper with a stain the better chance WE have at removing the damages.

Q: What rug damages are typical overtime?
A: There are four major kinds of damage. (1) Sun bleaching is very common because it can go unnoticed. (2) Traffic Area damages are the most common and typically unavoidable. (3) Beverages are broad in potential threats like: coffee, wine, distilled drinks and children’s beverages. (4) The most volatile of the four is pet urine. Pet urine will most likely damage a rug, especially if it is organically dyed. Pet urine can cause bleaching and horrible odors.

Q: Why do I need a pad for my rug?
A: Pads are not needed, but highly recommended. Pads are best for any rug that is on a smooth surface like hardwood or laminate flooring. Padding a rug helps reduce traffic patterns and protects the flooring underneath as well. Pads help prevent a rug from sliding when walked on. Pads also add an additional layer of cushion and comfort. When spills or pet damages occur, and penetrate a rug, the pad is the last stop. Pads also absorb these accidents and protect flooring, like hardwood, from warping. With few exceptions, pads are not needed on carpeted areas.

Q: Do you pick up and deliver?
A: Yes and it is FREE. We pick up and deliver to the majority of the Bay Area. Please check our map for our service areas.